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Cosmetic dentistry products
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Trimax™ Composite Instrument Trimax™ Composite Instrument
FlashTips® Disposable Air/Water Syring Tips
Buy 4 Get 1 Free
Septodont Septocaine Anesthetic 1:100,000(01-A1400)
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First Quarter Fast Setting Time Light Body Super Econo (96)
First Quarter VPS
FlashBuster Intro Kit
FlashBuster Jumbo Bullet
FlashBuster Jumbo Reversed Cone
FlashBuster Paro Flame - Extended
FlashBuster Paro Flamed - Long
FlashBuster Standard Cylinder Pointed
FlashBuster Standard Flame Pack
FlashBuster Standard Pointed Cone Pack
FlashBuster Standard Reversed Cone
Flat End Cylinder
Flat End Cylinder Modified
Flat End Taper
Flow Duplicating Film
Flow Panoramic X-Ray Film
Flow X-Ray Film
Fluoride Trays
Form Fit Mask
Full Chair Sleeves
G.I. Spring
Gates Glidden Drill
General Purpose Ultrasonic Solution Defend
Genie Bite Registration
Genie VPS
GingiCap™ Refill Regular-Size
GingiTrac™ MiniMix® Starter Kit
GingiTrac™ Nozzles, 50
GingiTrac™ Retraction Refill
Glass Beads
Glass Dappen Dishes
Glu/Sense™, 6 syringes & 60 SofNeedles™
Gold/Amal Brown Points, 30
GPSeparator (glosso papilla separator)
GPSeparator Kit (2 GPS clamps and pliers)
GripStrips™, 12
Gross Reduction
Gutta Percha Points Color Coded
Half Chair Sleeves
Hand Piece High Speed / Push Button
Handpiece Barrier Sleeves
Headrest Covers
Heat Sealer & Accessories
Hedstrom Files (Stainless Steel)
HEDSTROM PLUS (with stops & mm markings)
Hg5 Amalgam Separator
Hi Visc AccuDose® Tubes & Plugs, 100
High Viscosity Plugs, 100
High-speed handpiece sleeves
Hp Mixing Tips
Hub, Impression Syringe, Polished
ICELight 1.0mm
ICELight 1.2mm
ICELight 1.4mm
ICELight 1.6mm
ICELight Intro Kit
ICEPost 1.0mm
ICEPost 1.2mm
ICEPost 1.4mm
ICEPost 1.6mm
ICEPost Intro Kit
Impact Air 45 Fiber Optic 5-Hole Handpiece
Impact Air 45 Non Fiber Optic Handpiece - Swivel Type
Impact Air 45 Non-Fiber Optic 4-Hole Handpiece
ImplaKlean™ Implant Scaling Set
Impression Cleaning Brushes (5)
Impression gun cover
Impression O-Rings Silicone (6)
Impression Tips, 18 ga, Yellow, 144
Impression Tips, 18 ga, Yellow, 144
Impression Tips, 20 ga, Aqua, 144
Impression Trays - 12 Pack
Inverted Cone
IPR 5:1 Adaptor w/push button (restorative)
IPR GPS Pliers
IPR System Files, Paddles 120M, Green, 2pk
Irrigation Needle Tips
Isolation Gown w/elastic Cuff
Isolation Gown w/Knit Cuff
IsoVue Anterior Starter Kit, 60
IsoVue Quadrant Starter Kit, 60
Jumbo® Syringe Only
Jumbo® Tube Refill Kit
Keyboard sleeves
Keyboard sleeves
K-Files (Stainless Steel)
K-Files PLUS with Stops and mm (Stainless Steel)
Klearvue Dispenser Upper and Lower Full Arch
Kleenex Facial Tissue
Laptop sleeves
Latch Mandrels, 10
LCD & keyboard sleeves
Lead Waste Bucket
Lead-Free Apron with Attached Collar
Lead-Free Apron without Collar
Lead-Free Child Apron with Attached Collar
Lead-Free Panoramic Apron
Lead-Free Thyroid Collar
LED Curing light sleeves for Demi
LED Light Meter
Light Handle Sleeves
LolliCaine® Bubble Gum, 120
Low Visc Plug and Separate Plug, 100
Low Viscosity AccuDose® Tube & Plug, 100
Low-speed handpiece sleeves
LubeCube®, 72 cubes
Luer Lock Needles, 22 ga, 100
Luer-Lock Syringes
LYGIN Alginate (Fast setting, Cherry, 1-lb Bag)
MacroCab Parts
MacroCab Parts (COPY)
Magnum Die Stone Pink
Magnum Orthodontic Stone
Magnum Plaster
Magnum Super Stone
Mark IIIP™ E/Z® Syringe
Mark IIIP™ Plunger/Spring
Mark IIIP™ Speed Slot Syringe
Mark II™ Snap-Fit™ Syringe Only
Mark I™ Syringe Only
Mark™I & II Plunger Only
Matrices Stiff Flex Large
Matrices Stiff Flex Small
Matrices Subgingival
Matrices Thin Flex Large (100)
Matrices Thin Flex Small (100)
Matrices Ultra Thin Flex Matrices/Large 100/pk
Matrices Ultra Thin Flex Small (50)
Matrix Band (Stainless Steel, 0.0015, Nos. 1,2,3 and 13)
Matrix Retainer (Stainless Steel, Universal)
Max Print
Max Print Chromatic
Max Print Cyan
Max Print Orthodontic
Max Print Pediatric
Med Yellow Points, 100
Medicated Lotion Soap Omni
Mega Grip Forceps
Mega Ring Ring Refill 1ea
Mega Rings 1 Inward & 1 Outward
Mega Rings 2 Outward
MegaRing Clinical Kit
MegaRing Clinical Kit Plus
MegaRing Trial Kit
Micro Applicator
Micro Torch & Butane Refill
MicroAspirators®, 18 ga, 24
Microcab Plus & Replacement Parts
MicroEtcher Bien Air
MicroEtcher CD Kavo
MicroEtcher E
MicroEtcher E Nozzle
MicroEtcher ERC
MicroEtcher ERC Nozzle
MicroEtcher Handpiece Adapter 4-5 Hole
MicroEtcher II sandblaster
MicroEtcher IIA Sandblaster
MicroEtcher jar w/ grommet lid (for ME II)
MicroEtcher Kavo Style Quick Connect
MicroEtcher Quick Disconnect For Lab
MicroEtcher Quick Disconnect For Second Lab
MicroEtcher Quick Disconnect Kit
MicroEtcher Quick Disconnect Male
MicroEtcher Quick Disconnect Second Station
MicroEtcher Slim Profile IIA Nozzle
Microlux Transilluminator
Microlux Transilluminator
Microlux ™ Endo-Lite
Microlux ™ Perio Probe
Microlux ™ Proximal Caries
MicroPrime B Type 10ml
MicroPrime G
MicroProphy II
Microprophy Nozzle .023
Microprophy Rubber Cups 25/pk
MicroTin Felt Tips Large
MicroTin Felt Tips Small
MicroTin Kit
Microtwin XF Ivory, 400
Microtwin® Reg Pink 200
Mini Benda® Brush, 144 Pack
MiniMix Nozzles, 10
Mint Flavored Waxed Dental Floss
Mixer Dual Syringe (12/pk)
Modified Beveled Cylinder
Modified Flat End Taper
Mojo II Syringes 100pk
Morningkiss Adult Toothbrush 2 In 1
Morningkiss Adult Toothbrush Deluxe
Morningkiss Adult Toothbrush Feather
Morningkiss Adult Toothbrush Icezone
Morningkiss Adult Toothbrush Nova
Morningkiss Adult Toothbrush Oval
Morningkiss Adult Toothbrush Protector
Morningkiss Adult Toothbrush Synergy
Morningkiss Children Toothbrush Otpc
Neomax Metal Crown Cutter
No Stick
NoMix® Temp Cement Take Home Dispenser
NoMix® Temporary Cement Starter Kit
NoMix® Temporary Cement Syringe Only Kit
NoMix® Temporary Cement Syringe Tips, 30
Non-Woven Sponges
Nozzle,Yellow Hub, 50
Nozzles .015 Tip (80 degree) 3pk
Nugun® Only
Nugun® Plunger/Spring
Nylon Sterilization Tubing
Occlusal Reduction
Onyx™ Etch, 25 Syringes Only
Opaque PCR™ Plugs, 100
Opaque PCR™ Tube & Plug, 100
Operative Amalgam Prep
Operative Inverted Cone
Operative Pear
Operative Round
Operative Round End Fissure
Operative Round End Fissure Crosscut
Operative Round End Tapered Fissure
Operative Straight Fissure
Operative Straight Fissure Crosscut
Operative Tapered Fissure
Operative Tapered Fissure Crosscut
Optical PC Mouse barriers
OptiFlow II, Flowable Composites, LC
Ortho Boxes( Assorted Colors)
Orthoprophy SA-85 85 Micron 1/lb
Osha Training Documentation
PacCem Plus Permanent Cement
PacCem Resin Cement
PacEtch Etching Gel
PacSeal Pit & Fissure Sealant
PacTemp NE
Paste Fillers (lentulo)
Patient Bibs
Peeso Reamers
Pharmatex Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves
Photochemical Silver, Fixer Waste Filter
Pit and Fissure Sealant
Pitt and Fissure
Plaster & Stone Remover
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