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Trimax™ Composite Instrument Trimax™ Composite Instrument
FlashTips® Disposable Air/Water Syring Tips
Buy 4 Get 1 Free
Septodont Septocaine Anesthetic 1:100,000(01-A1400)
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Plastic Pocket X-Ray Film Mounts
Pointed Cone
Pointed Taper
POLYBITE Disposable Bite Trays (Anterior, 35 Pieces/Box)
Powder Free Micro Textured Latex Exam Gloves
Powder Free Nitrile Textured Exam Gloves Lite (Purple) 200/Box
Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves 100/Box
Powdered Vinyl Exam Gloves 100/Box
Powdred Profesional Latex Exam Gloves
Power Plus Air Booster
Pre-Bent Needle Tips
Prelude Adhesive 5ml
Prelude H2Orthobond 5ml
Prelude Link
Prelude One 5ml
Prelude Primer 5ml
Prelude Primer and Adhesive Pack
Prelude SE
Prelude Total-Etch Kit
Premium Earloop Molded Mask
Premium Molded Mask
PrepAir Handheld Air Abrasion Unit
PrepStart Air Abrasion Unit
PrepStart H2O .019 Tip (80 degree) 1pk
PrepStart H2O Accessory Unit
PrepStart H2O Handpiece and .019 Nozzle
PrepStart H2O Handpiece only
PrepStart H2O Hydro Abrasion Cavity Prep Unit
PrepStart Handpiece Kit 1
PrepStart Handpiece Kit 2
Pre-Soak Defend
ProAngle ERGO Disposable Prophy Angle
ProAngle™ Disposable Prophy Angle
ProAngle™ Plus with Brush Cups
Procera Perparations
Prophy Paste Ring
ProxiDiscs®, Abrasive 2 Side, 18
PUREVAC® Evacuation System Cleaner
PUREVAC® SC Evacuation System Cleaner
Purifier+ Kit
Quest High Speed Handpiece
RapidCore® MiniMix®, Natural, 12
RapidCore®, 25ml, White
RapidCore®, 50ml, White
Reach Dentotape, X-wide, Waxed
Refill, ABC Wedge X-small 96L,96R (White)
Regular Mixing Tips 12/pk
Replacement parts for MacroCab from Danville
Ribbon Tips
Ring Pliers
Rock Core 25ml
Round End Cylinder
Round End Taper
Safari Powder Free Latex
Safari Powder Free Latex - Black Color
Safe 'N' Sure Deluxe PSP Barrier Envelopes
Safe 'N' Sure OPT PSP Barrier Envelopes
Safe 'N' Sure PSP Barrier Envelopes
Saliva Ejectors
Sani-Cloth® HB Germicidal Disposable Wipes
S-Class® Only
S-Class® Plunger/Spring
Sensibles Universal Sensor Holders
Separate Tube & Plug, 100
Septodont Biodentine Replacement Material
Septodont Isodan Topical Desensitizing Gel
Septodont Lidocaine Topical Anesthetic
Septodont Lignospan Anesthetic
Septodont N'durance Cristal Composite
Septodont N'durance Cristal Composite A2
Septodont N'durance Dimer Flow Composite
Septodont N'durance Dimer Flow Composite A2
Septodont N'durance Nano-Dimer Composite Resin
Septodont N'durance Nano-Dimer Composite Resin A2
Septodont Septalloy Amalgam
Septodont Septocaine Anesthetic
Septodont Septocaine Anesthetic 1:100,000(01-A1400)
Septodont Xylonor Topical Anesthetic
Shipping and Handling
Shorty Flame
Shorty Modified Taper
Shorty Pointed Taper
Shorty Round End Taper
SilJet Kit
Siljet Refill (3 jars)
Sleeves for L.E. Demetron
Smart Dam Latex Spearmint
Smart Dam Latex Spearmint
Smart Dam Non-Latex Spearmin
Smart Dam Non-Latex Spearmin
Smart Dam Non-Scented Latex
Smart Dam Non-Scented Latex
SMART Positioning System
Snap-Fit™ and E/Z® Plunger, Spring
Snap-Fit™ Syringe
Snub Nose Snap-Fit™ Syringe
Snub-Nose Snap-Fit™ Plunger, Spring
SofNeedle™, 144
Spiral Fillers - Safety Spring
Spring MK III™ or MK IV™
Standard Gingival Retractor
Standard Imp Plunger Only
Standard™ Impression Syringe Only
Standard™ Tips, 18 ga, White, 144
Star VPS
Star VPS Ultra Light 4/pk
Star VPS Ultra Light Econo (24)
StarFill 2B Automix Syringe
StarFlow A-00op 1gm
StarFlow A-00op 5gm
StarFlow Intro Kit (3 5gm)
StarFlow Trial Kit
Sterilization Pouches Plus
Sterilization Wrap
Sterl Handpiece Cleaner & Lube
STG White TPE Plugs, 100
Sticky Bites Foam Bite Blocks
Straight Noz. .019 (80 degree)
Sultan 'Upgrade' Prophy Angles
SuniRay Intraoral X-ray Sensor
Super Hydrophilic Vinyl Poly Siloxane Material (VPS)
Supercure® Q, Natural, .5 gr, 30
Supercure®, Natural, .25 gr, 30
Supercure®, Natural, .5 gr, 30
Surgical Aspirator Tips
Surgical Length Round
Surgical Length Straight Fissure Crosscut
Surgical LengthTapered Fissure Crosscut
Syringe Sleeves Defend
Tarter & Stain Remover
Tempit® L/C, .25 gr, 30
Tempit® Ultra F, .20 gr, 30
Tempit®, .35 gr, 30
Temporary Cement Mixing Tips
Temporary Cement Remover
Temporary Crown and Bridge Material
T-handle sleeves
Tin Solution
TopGel™ Topical Anethestic Gel, 1oz jar
Tray Covers
Tray Link Adhesive
Tray Sleeves
Treatment Crème
Trimax™ Composite Instrument
Tru-Align Laser-Aligning Collimator System
Turbo Temp 3 A-1 Refill
Turbo Temp 3 A-2 Refill
Turbo Temp 3 A-3 Refill
Turbo Temp 3 A-3.5 Refill
Turbo Temp 3 B-1 Refill
Turbo Temp 3 Bleach Refill
Turbo Temp 3 Slider 10:1
Turbo Temp 3 Starter Kit A-1
Turbo Temp 3 Starter Kit A-2
Turbo Temp 3 Starter Kit A-3
Turbo Temp 3 Starter Kit A-3.5
Turbo Temp 3 Starter Kit B-1
Turbo Temp 3 Starter Kit Bleach
TurboTemp 2 A-1 76gm Refill
TurboTemp 2 A-1 Starter Kit
TurboTemp 2 A-2 76gm Refill
TurboTemp 2 A-2 Starter Kit
TurboTemp 2 A-3 Refill
TurboTemp 2 A-3.5 76gm Refill
TurboTemp 2 A-3.5 Starter Kit
TurboTemp 2 B-1 76gm Refill
TurboTemp 2 B-1 Starter Kit
TurboTemp 2 Cement
TurboTemp 2 Dispensing Gun Automix 10:1
TurboTemp 2 Dispensing Gun Automix 4:1
TurboTemp 2 Mixing Tips 10/pk
TurboTemp 2 Mixing Tips 50/pk
U.V. Protective Eyewear
Ultrasonic Enzymatic Tablets
Universal Monophase Mixing Tips
Universal x-ray sleeves
Upperhand Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves
Veneer Preparations
Vented Oral Evacuation Tips
VersaFlo® 16 Tip Pack, A1
VersaFlo® Single Syringe, A1 (Bulk)
VersaFlo® Syringe Kit, A1
VersaFlo®, 30 Needles
Versalite®, 20 Tip Pack, A1
Vinyl Polysiloxane Vps Putty
Vinyl Softouch Pf Gloves
Vinyl Tray Adhesive
Volo Disinfecting/Deodorizing/Cleaning Wipes
VPS alginate substitute
Waste Saver Mixing Tips 12/pk
Waxed Dental Floss
Waxed Floss- Trial Size
Working Wells
World's Largest HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bar
X-Fine White Cups, 30
X-ray Apron Hanger (standard)
X-ray sleeves
Yellow Intraoral Tips
Zbond 5ml
Zip-Zip-Go™ Composite Polisher Kit
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